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Located in the Yucatán Peninsula, Belize is bordered by Mexico to the North, Guatemala to the West, Honduras to the South and the beautiful Caribbean Sea to the East. Gaining its independence in 1981 from Britain, this former British colony continues to be a developing yet leisurely country.  Belize City, the largest city and former capital, remains the country’s commercial hub where most of the trading activities take place.

Belize is known to be an ethnically diverse nation with cultures ranging from the Mayan, Garifunas, Chinese, Creoles, Mestizos and East Indians. Despite the diversity in culture, English is the official language with Spanish being the second most spoken language.

Belize is also ideally located in the heart of Central America, as it is only a couple hours away by airplane from the US, with the ability of US currency being used interchangeably for financial transactions, and finally, the ease of communication as it is the only English-speaking country in Latin America. It also forms a land bridge between North and South America, making it an easy destination for any purpose.

Consequently, as the offshore sector continues to grow, the Government of Belize has ensured that this industry is and remains a safe, confidential and beneficial environment for international investors. With strict Anti-Money Laundering Legislation and regulatory bodies such as the International Financial Services Commission in place, Atkins Corporate Services Ltd. invites you to take advantage of the various investment vehicles available in its untarnished jurisdiction.