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 An IBC (International Business Company) is simply a company that has been registered outside the jurisdiction of its primary operations. Why would anyone register a company in another country? Basically, offshore incorporations have many benefits which continue to attract individuals as well as corporations globally. Some of these benefits include international trading, estate planning, confidentiality, tax savings and asset protection, with the last one remaining the primary reason for going offshore.

Utilizing offshore companies and other legal structures to hold your assets provides a strong layer of protection from unexpected liabilities. Many high-end individuals as well as certain professionals capitalize on these special purpose vehicles, as they are sometimes called, to safeguard their assets. Now, these structures are available for anyone with any of the reasons previously mentioned.

Other special purpose vehicles offered by Atkins Corporate Services Ltd.  include Trusts and Foundations.

While the term “offshore” may have a negative stigma, it is very much a legitimate and commonly practiced option for individuals or large corporations who wish to maximize profits and/or enforce a global presence. The term “offshore” transitioned to international services after it was noted that these very helpful corporate structures were being utilized by unscrupulous characters for criminal undertakings. As such, very stringent laws have been enacted and heightened monitoring was effected to combat money laundering and illicit business activities. Belize is no exception and our government has been very rigid in cementing the Money Laundering (Prevention) Act. The International Financial Services Commission of Belize has been charged with policing this sector of the economy to ensure that Belize remains a secure and efficient offshore jurisdiction.